Training is one
of the main pillars
of crisis prevention

Having a team trained in crisis management is key to guarantee effective action.

By means of specific training that is always adapted to every client, we prepare the teams to be able to face any potential scenarios they may encounter.

Our aim at this stage of the preparation process is for the team to gain the required confidence and the capacity to face a critical situation.

A team trained in crisis management is the best insurance for your organisation
Reunión de formación para la gestión de crisis

Preparedness to any future crisis

We provide your teams with the material and emotional tools to make sure they can efficiently face potential crises. Our training programme is cross-departmental, from the managers to the front office staff.

  • Corporate and crisis spokesperson
  • Crisis awareness 
  • Crisis simulations
  • Risk identification and control
  • Detection and management of crisis alerts
  • Crisis management on social media
  • Legal & Comms
  • Cyber attack

…are just some of our crisis training programmes.

Having a well trained and prepared organisation is the best way to ensure fast and diligent action.