The calm and experience your company requires in times of crisis

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A crisis is a negative and unexpected event that alters the organisation’s usual pace and that may have an impact on the operations, the people, the environment and corporate reputation.
If this occurs, we accompany you in managing the crisis, integrating crisis communication and legal advice on crisis with 360º consultancy that is endorsed by more than 20 years of experience.


Crisis management

A crisis requires maximum experience and confidence. Hence, at MO&MA, we manage all cases personally.

The whole process will be in expert hands, from managing the crisis alert and activating the action plan through to closing it.


After analysing the processes and mapping the risks, it is time to prepare the company defining its own crisis management system.

We help organisations to get prepared for any future crisis. It is an integrated approach that is addressed to all the teams, both the management and production teams.

Consultoría de Crisis Empresa
Libreta para Formación y preparación de crisis


Training is one of the keys to preparedness.

Our courses which are addressed to different groups within the organisation, share a common objective: providing the teams with the knowledge and the materials as well as emotional tools which are necessary for crisis prevention and crisis management.


Our specialisation differentiates us. We are a team that unites legal knowledge and knowledge of crisis communication with experience in the world of business and public administration.

A boutique consultancy firm that is experienced in crisis management and that prepares and assists organisations when they need it most.

Gestión de la crisis de empresa