Reunión de consultoría para gestión de crisis

We manage
any potential crisis

A crisis occurs unexpectedly, and it may happen for a number of reasons. In such a situation, a good degree of calm and experience is required in order to be able to control and minimize its negative effects on the business and its reputation.

At MO&MA, we integrate knowledge of the business world, legal advice and crisis communications so as to offer a consultancy service that adapts to any sector or business.

A methodology that adapts to every case and client

  • Consultancy and support 24/7
  • Analysis of the crisis scenario
  • Crisis strategy and action plan
  • Contingency plans
  • Organisation of the crisis team
  • Online and offline management
  • Crisis press office
  • Legal advice on crisis
  • Crisis closure
Despacho de empresa

We assist you in containing and counteracting the effects of the crisis

A poorly managed crisis may increase its negative impact. Hence, our specialisation in crisis management allows us to contain the risks for your business, protect relationships with your stakeholders and minimise its reputational impact.

What may be a headache for many people is what we are dedicated to doing every day. Leave the whole crisis management process in expert hands!