About MO&MA

We are a strategic consultancy firm for organizations. Our goal is to protect their reputation by helping to generate and build a crisis-ready culture based on preparedness, training and strategic management.

We do so by integrating and coordinating the three key parts of a crisis: business, communication and legal framework.

We are experts in what we do.

Long-standing experience

We have long-standing experience …

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What makes us unique

Thanks to our long-standing …

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Our clients

Our clients are any organization…

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Our values

We seek EXCELLENCE in everything we do..

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What we do

At MO&MA we use our own methodology to prepare an organization before a crisis arises by designing and developing a Crisis Preparedness and Management Program (CPMP). 

When a crisis is about to happen or has already affected an organization, we move in to form part of the crisis management team from start to finish. All the information we handle is treated in the strictest confidence. Throughout the process, we give advice on communications and the legal aspects of each risk or crisis.

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MO&MA, Crisis Management Consultants was founded by Miriam Omedes, a lawyer and expert in crisis communication, and María José Adamuz, a business lawyer and public administration expert. After more than 16 years working together, we joined forces and set up our own consultancy firm.

We manage most projects and queries from start to finish, but we do not hesitate to turn to specialized external professionals whenever a project requires it. We have a solid and very reliable network of partners able to add to the range and specificity of our service offer. We work alongside experts on the reputation and management of intangibles, lawyers, technical experts, journalists, PR agencies, lobby and public affairs specialists, etc.


Mobile phone number

Mª José Adamuz (+34) 662 564298
Miriam Omedes (+34) 647 650852


Calle Conde de Salvatierra, nº10-2º1ª Barcelona 08006